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Home.Services.Contact Us.Remote Support.Webmail.Maia.Help.

MCB.net was the Internet Service Provider business of the Manx Computer Bureau, established in 1972 to provide computing and bureau services to the Isle of Man and overseas. The ISP was one of the first in Europe to offer Internet services, along with Domicilium.

Due to the entry of larger competitors into what is a limited market, Manx Computer Bureau has decided it can no longer provide a full range of Internet Services to residential and business clients and is therefore no longer taking any new clients. Services currently provided have been, or will be, migrated to other ISP's as appropriate.

MCB coninues to provide payroll and BACS services, as well as consultancy and support for clients with their computer woes.

Currently all broadand connections have been transferred. The mcb.net domain and its e-mail will be migrated in due course, and clients with web sites and/or domain names and e-mail are requested to contact us to arrange for a smooth transfer of their domain to a third party provider.